Ayla Executes Drowning Drill in Cooperation with Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate


Ayla Oasis Development Company carried out a Drill for its employees on drowning and CPR, in cooperation with the Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate on Wednesday September 14, 2022.
Several team members from Ayla, Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Hotel, and Cloud 7 took part in the two-days’ exercise. On the first day, an awareness lecture was presented on first aid procedures in case of drowning and CPR, while practical training on how to rescue a drowning person and do CPR was held in the Marina village Dock-C.
Ayla’s Management believe that successive drills and training sessions are crucial as they increase knowledge of how to handle emergency scenarios in case of accidents with the goal of strengthening the ‘health and safety’ systems and procedures.
Eng. Sahl Dudin, Ayla’s Managing Director, expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by Aqaba’s Civil Defense cadres and their ongoing cooperation with the company to help its staff respond to and alert customers of emergency circumstances like fires and drownings. Dudin affirmed the pride in which Ayla and its staff have for the company’s humanitarian mission and its noble objectives.
For his part, the Head of Aqaba Civil Defense Directorate, Hmoud Al Rawajfeh, praised Ayla’s continued willingness to cooperate with the Civil Defense Directorate to implement training courses and drills aimed at raising employees’ awareness and educating them on how to act and intervene in the event of accidents related to the security and safety of people and properties. He expressed his hope that the business communities and institutions will follow Ayla’s lead in prioritizing security, public safety, health, and the environment.